Improving investment conditions for the Russian forest industry

Improving investment conditions for the Russian forest industry


Project facts

Client: EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)

Services: Strategy

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) recognized there was limited investment in pulp operations in Russia, despite vast resources. The risks of investing in Russian forest industries were seen as too great by major strategic investors.

The EBRD asked Pöyry Management Consulting to develop a plan that would reduce investment risk and improve the attractiveness of the Russian pulp industry. They chose us because of our deep industry knowledge across the value chain in the Russian market.  

To develop the plan, we looked at key Russian regions and benchmarked their conditions against global peers to give investors an understanding of the wealth of opportunity in Russia. We profiled potential investors and sought their input into what changes are needed to improve the attractiveness of investing. After a thorough examination of the issues, we recommended changes to policies and other measures that would attract and encourage investment. The final report entitled the “The Russian Forest Policy Dialogue” is a starting point for conversations with national and regional government agencies, and other stakeholders to take action to improve the investment conditions. The EBRD is using the report as the basis for a film for general public, government sector and potential investors highlighting the attractiveness of the Russian industry sector.