Touching Everyday Lives – TuuliWatti, Finland

Investing in decentralised energy production – wind power capacity already over 300 MW by TuuliWatti, Finland


Project facts

Client: TuuliWatti Oy

Country: Finland

Project: Several wind farms

Harnessing the power of Nordic winds ...

Increasing the share of renewable energy production is one of the key actions in fighting climate change. A law on feed-in tariffs, a guaranteed price for electricity produced by wind power, came into effect in 2010. It has spurred a wind power boom in Finland. The national goal is to build 2500 MW of wind power capacity by 2020.

TuuliWatti Oy has become a recognised player in the Finnish wind power scene, benefiting from project development help from Pöyry since 2009. TuuliWatti has an installed wind power capacity in excess of 300 MW across eleven sites in Finland. The client’s driving vision is to invest in clean decentralised energy production.

Pöyry has built a recognised expertise in wind power and helped TuuliWatti on their project development journey from early on.