Kytömaa Junction Bridge, Kerava-Lahti Railway Line, Finland

Kytömaa Junction Bridge, Kerava-Lahti Railway Line, Finland


Project facts

Type: Pre-stressed concrete trough bridge, length 557 m, effective width 7.05 m, total height of the superstructure is 3.3 m. Project included 5 other concrete bridges.

Client: Finnish Transport Agency

Project Period: 2002 - 2005

Services: General planning and structural engineering

The direct railway line from Kerava to Lahti is part of the Nordic Triangle, which links the capital cities of the Nordic countries and Russia. The new line has almost halved travelling time between Helsinki and Lahti. There are no level crossings, which is an important safety feature.

557 meter long Kytömaa junction bridge is the longest railway bridge in Finland. It is located at the beginning of the direct line where the new line parts from the Helsinki-Tampere main line.

Kytömaa bridge is a pre-stressed concrete bridge and its longest span of 58 meters crosses over the existing double-tracked main line. The total height of the trough-section is 3.3 m but the structural height below the track is only 1.35 m. This kind of cross-section enabled lowering the level of the crossing track by 2.7 m.

The girders of the trough-section beam form noise barriers on both sides of the track. The client was very pleased with this innovative and economical solution.