Malmö Arena Hyllie, Malmö, Sweden

Malmö Arena Hyllie, Malmö, Sweden

Malmö, Sweden

Project facts

Project Type: Multipurpose Arena, + office (New building)

Seats: 12 000 seats

Client: Parkfast Arena Ab

Area: Arena 42 000 sq.m. + Office 6 000 sq.m.

Services: Architectural design, Interior design

Completion: 2008

This compination of an multipurpose arena and office hosts Swedish icehockey club Malmö Redhawks as the main tenant.

The arena is the landmark in a completely new suburb area in Malmö City and the first construction on the area. The arena provides its flexible multifunctional space for more than 20 different types of events, of which the second important ones will be concert events.

The office area is designed as a fixed part together with the arena and it operates fully independently though having a connection to the arena on every floor. The arena seats 12 000 spectators for icehockey. Maximum number of seats can go up to 15 000 with a center staged event.

The venue, designed by Pöyry, was opened in November 2008.