Matka Water Power Station, Macedonia

Matka Water Power Station, Macedonia

Skopje, Macedonia

Project facts

Client: MacHydro Project Co. AD, Skopje

Project Period: 2007

The purpose of the project was to erect a new water power station on the river Tresca in order to replace the existing one built during 1930-1938. The new station is situated under the arched dam wall nearby the city of Skopje.

The works included tunneling for 2 penstocks of the existing discharge tunnel, assembly and equipping the penstocks, concrete structures for the lower part of the water power station (two mechanical and one assembly blocks), steel structures for the upper part including the lining, erection of the waste canal, lower and upper parts of the Switch Room, cascade structure for flood waters overflow, complex foundation, construction pit in gravel protected below ground water level by sheeting plates.