Minor rebuilds and maintenance projects

Minor rebuilds and maintenance projects


Water circuit modification carried out at UPM Chapelle Darblay, France

This is typical example of a project implemented within the Local Service agreement.

When two deinked pulp lines were simultaneously in use at the mill, there was a lack of white water at PM1. Fresh water was used as make-up, but it had to be heated.

The mill had a video meeting with Pöyry's specialists to discuss the problem. Pöyry was asked to make a pre-study for which 80 hours were budgeted. The pre-study indicated that cooling water from PM6 could be used instead of fresh water. The payback time calculation showed the modification to be profitable.

Pöyry's scope of work included process, mechanical, automation and electrical engineering with an estimated 300 manhours. Having thorough knowledge of the mill, Pöyry found out that the existing pipelines from the closed TMP plant could be relocated and reused.

The result of the project was an improved process with lower fresh water and steam consumption. There were no travel costs as the engineering was done remotely in Helsinki and the project's payback time was only 70 days.