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More capacity with higher quality, BillerudKorsnäs, Gävle, Sweden

Gävle, Sweden

Project facts

Client: BillerudKorsnäs Gävle

Project: Upgraded packaging board machines

Country: Sweden

Preserving aromas with sustainable packaging ...

The demand for board to package liquids is increasing all over the world. The BillerudKorsnäs plant near Gävle is a leading provider. With 40 years' experience of manufacturing, research and technical development in this segment, BillerudKorsnäs offers hygienic, high-quality packaging material that protects contents without affecting its flavour or odour.

The company is constantly working on ways to improve processes and streamline the entire processing chain. In 2011, the company engaged Pöyry to upgrade and refurbish PM5, one of the packaging board machines at the plant. Two years later, it was time to upgrade PM4, the other packaging board machine at the plant. The objective was to increase capacity and enhance the quality of production.

The big challenge was to facilitate an upgrade which was both cost-effective and time-efficient. Both projects required around twelve months of preparation and design work so that everything could be put in place during the twelve-day period when the plant was shut down. Pöyry was responsible for calculations, technical specifications, drawings and tender documentation.

The upgraded PM5 packaging board machine was ready for operation in 2012, with PM4 following in 2014. In both projects, Pöyry was on hand to provide support for fine tuning the machines once they had been recommissioned.

The upgrades have resulted in both higher capacity and better product quality. The printability on the coated surface of the liquid packaging board has now been improved.