Metsä Board Husum, Paper machine conversion, Sweden

New folding boxboard machine project in Sweden

Husum, Sweden

Project facts

Project type: Paper machine conversion

Client: Metsä Board, Husum mill

Capacity: 400 000 t/a of top quality 3-ply folding boxboard

Start-up: February 2016

Metsä Board’s new folding boxboard machine started operations at the beginning of February 2016 at their mill in Husum, Sweden.

The new “KM1” produces 400 000 t/a of top quality 3-ply folding boxboard to be used for packaging and for food service end-uses such as cups, plates and trays. Pöyry contributed to project Viking by providing engineering consultancy, laser scanning, 3D modelling, detail engineering and site services.

This assignment was a continuation to previous good cooperation between Metsä Board and Pöyry in a number of projects and it further strengthens Pöyry’s position as the leading engineering solutions provider for the board making industry. Pöyry has had a strong foothold in Husum since the beginning, i.e. from early 1970’s having participated in all paper machine projects since then.

The project was executed during the autumn of 2015 and the new board machine started in February 2016.