Non Revenue Water reduction in the city of Hanoi, Vietnam

Non Revenue Water reduction in the city of Hanoi, Vietnam

hanoi, Vietnam

Project facts

Client: Hanoi Water Business Company (HAWACO)

Project Period: 2008 - 2009

Services: Feasibility study

The city of Hanoi counts 5 million inhabitants of which 400,000 customers are supplied with water by the local water company. At an average water production of about 500,000 m3/day, the Non Revenue Water (NRW) percentage is around 40%.

Pöyry conducted a comprehensive feasibility study with the main objective of reducing NRW to a level of 20%.

The services provided by Pöyry included

  • Assessment of NRW and action plan
  • Improvement of water distribution network, hydraulic design and District Meter Areas's (DMA) creation
  • Conception of the numerical model of water distribution system
  • Design of network zoning and Restructuring, Basic Design and cost estimate
  • Restructuration of mapping services
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Resettlement Action Plan
  • Economic investment Plan
  • Project implementation Plan
  • Organization of leakages detection and repair campaign
  • Redaction of PPP performance base contracts design and tender documents for NRW