Nussdorf Small Hydro Power Plant, Austria

Nussdorf Small Hydro Power Plant, Austria

Nussdorf, Austria

Project facts

Project Type: Small Hydro Power Plant

Installed Capacity: 24.6 GWh

Commissioning date: 2005

Designed by the famous architect Otto Wagner, the 100-year-old Schemerl weir in the Danube channel is under a preservation order.

A small hydropower plant was constructed in the weir after a feasibility study was carried out. The power plant consists of a flooded main structure with 12 Hydromatrix turbine units, a mounted weir gate, an operation building and an access shaft on the left bank of the Danube channel. With an average height of 4.9 metre, the plant produces 24.6 GWh at normal capacity. The maximum flow of the plant is 132 m3/s.

The project was carried out in co-operation with the Municipality of Vienna and the Preservation Authority. It shows a harmonic symbiosis of the historical site with state-of-the-art hydropower generation technique. Pöyry demonstrated its expertise as the construction consortium leader during the tender phase, detail planning, co-ordination of construction and E&M, and as built documentation.