Ostour Dam & Hydropower Project, Iran

Ostour Dam & Hydropower Project, Iran

Mianeh, Iran

Project facts

Project Type: Multipurpose scheme

Commissioning date: 2009

Pöyry was entrusted by Tablieh Constrcution Company in 2003 to perform the detailed engineering design of the Sharyar Dam in the framework of the first EPC contract to be performed in Iran.

The Sharyar Dam project is located on Ghezel-Ozan River, about 38 kilometres downstream of Mianeh in the north-west region of Iran. A 135 metre high concrete arch dam will be constructed to store water for the irrigation of the intermediate agricultural lands, between Ostour and Sefid-Rud storages, and to satisfy the demands downstream of the Sefid-Rud Dam. The deposited sediment reduced the capacity of the storage to about 50 per cent of the initial 1,700 m3. The storage level was fixed at elevation 1,035 masl. The stored water is proposed to be used for irrigation and forced removal of sediment in the Sefid-Rud storage reservoir downstream.