Panorama Shopping Centre, Lithuania

Panorama Shopping Centre, Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania

Project facts

Project Type: Shopping Centre, new building

Client: ELL Kinnisvara and UAB Saltesta

Area: 50 000 sq.m.

Services: Architectural design, Main designer tasks

Panorama, located in the heart of Vilnius, opened its doors to public in November 2008, offering the public a new and exiting destination shopping and spending free time.

The Panorama shopping centre is located on the North Bank of the Neris river at 2 km from the old city of Vilnius. It is at the hearth of the New Vilnius business district that is undergoint rapid development. The site is located along Narbuto boulevard, which is a major thoroughfare to the residential districts on the West end of the City. The city houses roughly half a million inhabitants and new housing districts are constantly being built near the site of Panorama.

The aim of the development of the new Panorama shopping centre was to answer the needs of a population with a constantly growing income. The new centre is roughly 50 000 sq.m. in size and it offers a wide array of retail, entertainment and services. It is destination not only for essential goods but also for the leisure of the people of Vilnius and Lithuania.

Panorama awarded gold medal in a very prestigious competition "Lithuanin product of the year 2008" in the category of industry of constructions and building materials.