Pilzno - Rubber Dam, Czech Republic

Pilzno - Rubber Dam, Czech Republic

Pilzno, Poland

Project facts

Client: Kruszgeo S.A., Rzeszów

Project Period: 2001

Tube rubber dams are modern, collapsible and fully automatic damming constructions. Because of low cost they represent almost ideal solution for small-scale power plants and for other constructions where creating and regulation of water level is required. Tube rubber dams do not endanger environment through its operation, as water from rivers is being used as filling medium. Because of its low height these dams fit to the best into the adjacent landscape.

The Pilzno Rubber Dam had been constructed to raise the water level in the Pilzno reservoir, and thus secures the minimum required head of water for the small water turbine at the weir, an acceptable ground water level in the surrounding area and a facility for the water recreation. The reservoir was built on the site reclaimed from the old gravel/sand mine at which the operation was discontinued.