Forcit Oy Ab Finndisp, Polymer Dispersion Plant in Russia

Polymer Dispersion Plant in Russia's Ramenskoye

Ramenskoye, Russia

Project facts

Project Type: Engineering and Project Management

Client: Oy Forcit Ab / OOO Finndisp

Facility use: Dispersion production plant

Total investment cost: Over EUR 10 million

Start-up: May 2008

Pöyry provided engineering and project management services to Oy Forcit Ab in the construction of a new polymer dispersion plant located in Ramenskoye, Russia, for its Finndisp division.

Finndisp manufactures polymer dispersions that are used as binders in water soluble paints, lacquers and adhesives, among other things.

Pöyry's involvement in the project started in 2003 with its providing of pre-engineering services. This developed into basic engineering services in 2004-2005 and implementation engineering from 2005 to 2008. Pöyry also provided project management and site services.

In April 2008, Rohm and Haas Company completed the acquisition of Finndisp from Oy Forcit Ab. The acquisition includes the existing Finndisp plant in Hanko, Finland, and the new plant in Ramenskoye, Russia.