Water Storage Dlouhé Stránì, Czech Republic

Pumped Water Storage Scheme Dlouhé Stránì, Czech Republic

Dlouhé Stránì, Czech Republic

Project facts

Client: CEZ, a.s., Praha

Volume of the top reservoir: 2.72 million qbm

Volume of the bottom reservoir: 3.04 million qbm

The pumped water storage scheme Dlouhé Stránì is located in northern Moravia in the nature protected area of Jeseníky. It consists of a man made reservoir built at the top of the Dlouhé Stránì hill and the bottom reservoir created by damming the valley of the river Divoká Desná.

The main components of the water power station are situated underground. The power station itself, consists of two reverse Francis turbines connected to the generators by vertical shafts and was installed in the underground cavern next to the transformers chamber. Measured by the output and water head acting on the turbines, the two units rate among the largest of its kind in central Europe. The water circuit consist of two armoured underground intake penstocks and two discharge tunnels.