Cities of Brest and Grodno, reconstruction of wastewater treatment plants, Belarus

Reducing the phosphorus load to the Baltic Sea

Brest, Belarus

Project facts

Client: Sweco International, Municipal Enterprise Grodnovodokanal, Municipal Enterprise Brestvodokanal

Project type: Design, realisation, advisory, maintenance of existing project

Project schedule: 2010 -

Pöyry's services: Feasibility study, Project Implementation Unit Support, including preparation of basic design, tender documents and tender evaluations, technical and administrative support in all phases of the project, site supervision.

Two old Wastewater Treatment Plants, both serving about 340,000 people and several industries, are modernized in Belarus to meet EU standards and HELCOM requirements. The total value of the investment is about 30 MEUR. Reconstruction and modernization of the Wastewater Treatment Plants will result in energy savings and improved treatment results. Annual phosphorus load to the Baltic Sea will be reduced by approximately 300 tons/year. Odor emissions will also be reduced, improving quality of life in the neighboring communities.

Wastewater treatment process in both plants is upgraded to biological phosphorus and nitrogen removal. To accomplish this, new aeration and sedimentation tanks will be constructed and the old ones will be refurbished. In addition, new primary treatment facilities will be constructed in both plants. In Brest, separate treatment for reject waters from the neighboring biogas plant will also be implemented.

Pöyry performs Project Implement Unit Support, which includes helping the client (local water utility) establish and run the administrative structures needed to manage the project and supporting the client technically in all phases of the project. These include design, tendering, contracting, construction, supervision and operation, as well as reporting to the international financing institutions and managing invoicing and money transfer. The project is financed mostly by EBRD and NIB. The total project includes five towns. Sweco is the main consultant; Pöyry, as their sub-consultant, has full responsibility for the towns of Brest and Grodno.

Pöyry’s special process expertise and experience and understanding of local conditions and way of working are set to result in successful implementation of the project.