Touching Everyday Lives – Design Towers, Sweden

Reliable and cost effective power supply with smart design, Svenska kraftnät, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Project facts

Client: Svenska kraftnät

Project: Design Towers T&D project

Country: Sweden

Creating a visual experience for Stockholm commuters...

To guarantee electricity supplies in a society increasingly dependent on electricity, Svenska kraftnät, the Swedish transmission system operator, is currently upgrading the Swedish grid. In a project in the Stockholm area, it has been decided to add interesting design in the shape of unique towers. A design competition was launched in 2008 and proposal called Yggdrasil -“the world tree” – won it.

Making the winning sketch a reality was a complex task. It required detailed drawings and an advanced design and engineering work to create the towers. Transmission towers are exposed to forces of nature and must be able to operate and withstand these in all possible conditions.

The assignment of implementing the project went to Pöyry, who has extensive experience in designing power line towers internationally.