Rocca al mare shopping centre, Tallinn, Estonia

Rocca al mare shopping centre, Tallinn, Estonia

tallin, Estonia

Project facts

Type: Shopping centre, repositioning and extension

Client: Citycon Oyj

Area: 60 000 sq.m, (extension 28 000 sq.m)

Services: Strategic retail concept; Architectural design; Interior design; LEED environmental assessment

Rocca al mare is a family shopping centre situated in beautiful site near the sea shore, close to Tallinn city centre. The old Rocca al Mare Kaubanduskeskus, the first shopping center built in Estonia, gathered people from the nearby areas. When the extension is now completed, the centre is able to compete against not only nearby malls, but the large shopping centres of the whole Tallinn.

The area is strongly developing to accommodate more and more upper middle class families. To attract them, our solution was to build the new centre working from its foundation and at the same time widening the customer pool more and more to families using centre for their leisure time activities.

The image of the new centre is welcoming, comfortable, clean and reliable but at the same time adventurous, evolving and interesting on longer span as well. Interior design plays significant role in creating strong brand image for the centre and acquiring unique market position.

One particular challenge was to connect the existing shopping centre that consists of five different parts to the new extension. Furthermore, since the extension will bring more customers to the center, attention was paid also to the parking solutions.To support the overall strategic retail concept, the extension includes the new food court (ca. 2000 sq.m), also designed by Pöyry.

Rocca al Mare shopping centre is the first building in the Baltic countries to be awarded with LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) environmental certificate.