Rolling Stock Procurement Support Bergen, Norway

Rolling Stock Procurement Support Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Georgia

Project facts

Project Type: Procurement assistance

Project Period: 2005 - 2010

Client: City of Bergen, Light Rail Project Office

The City of Bergen, Norway, is establishing a new light rail system. The initial line (10 km) will link the city centre with suburbs south of Bergen. Most of the line will be at grade, with a few short tunnels. The line will serve the city centre as a typical tramway and achieve higher speeds in the outskirts, as a light rail system with segregated right of way.

Pöyry's engineering services during procurement, design and manufacture of the rolling stock started with the definition of prequalification criteria and the identification of candidate suppliers and products.

The technical specification was developed against the planned operation and infrastructure.

The principle to be in line with common standards of the light rail market and to avoid unique solutions for Bergen could be maintained.

Proposals were checked against compliance and evaluated and ranked against the technical criteria of the specification. Visits to the manufacturers' production sites and to operators of similar products provided additional information.

Support in technical matters was provided during the whole procurement process. Stadler's Variotram was chosen as manufacturer. The design was coordinated by Paulussen Design to match with the branding of Bergen's light rail system and infrastructure.

Subsequent to contract award in 2007, quality control during design and manufacture is undertaken.