Spandauer Damm bridge, Berlin, Germany

Spandauer Damm bridge, Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Project facts

Project Type: Road bridge and ramps, reconstruction

Project Period: 2005 - 2011

Client: Senate for Urban Development

Services: Object planning and civil engineering

In Berlin, in the area of the suburban train station of Westend, Spandauer Damm is the main connecting road to the district of Spandau. It crosses over the suburban train and long distance train tracks as well as over the motorway (Federal Motorway A100) on the 4-lane Spandau Damm Bridge. The motorway will be accessed from the bridge via four respectively 2-lane ramps or approach bridges. The bridge constructions have been erected with prestressed concrete in 1963.

The bridges and large parts of the ramps were in poor condition and they will be newly constructed. Variants of prestressed concrete and composite construction methods were examined for the new bridge.

Pöyry provided engineering and consulting services in the project. Due to its high traffic load, this intersection plays an important role in the traffic infrastructure of the city and is therefore in the public eye. Plans had to take into account, that the traffic flow needs to be maintained during the entire reconstruction period. Other demands included coordinating the mains and integrating them into the construction plan.