Touching Everyday Lives – Paulig coffee roastery, Vuosaari, Finland

A state-of-the-art roastery designed with dedication, Paulig, Vuosaari, Finland

Vuosaari, Finland

Project facts

Client: Oy Gustav Paulig Ltd

Site: Vuosaari harbour, Helsinki, Finland

Project: Coffee roastery and office building

Total investment: 120 Million Euros

Crafting extraordinary coffee for daily delights...

The old Paulig roastery needed expanding and upgrading, but the site had several limitations. There was not enough room for the changes needed, and the site was already suffering from heavy traffic and odour problems. In 2006 Paulig took a significant investment decision; A state-of-the-art roastery was to be built at a new site.

 The project was implemented in close cooperation with Paulig and Pöyry’s key-project persons were located at client’s premises during all project phases. The new roastery consists of receiving and storing of green coffee, production of coffee, packing and palletising, final product storage, a control room and quality assurance premises, technical premises and office facilities.

Pöyry managed and coordinated the total project from layout and prefeasibility studies made in early 2000 to assisting the take-over actions at the end of 2009. 

One major target was to enhance and develop internal processes and information flow. The old roastery had a fragmented, department based structure. Using a one-floor solution, the project team found a way to enable multi-skilled personnel development, job rotation and a flexible way of working.

Heikki Kujala, Supply Chain Development Manager, Coffee division of Paulig Group comments: