Tunnel Emisor Oriente, Mexico City, Mexico

Tunnel Emisor Oriente, Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico

Project facts

Client: CONAGUA (Comisión Nacional del Agua), México

Project: Specialized Technological Assistance for planning, risk management, communication management and tunneling machines performance monitoring

Services: Analyze the planning and programming proposals related to the tunnel's mechanized excavation;Identify and manage risks associated with construction; Real-time field information management during the excavation, 2DOC analysis; Communication management

Project Period: 2010 - 2015

Tunnel Emisor Oriente will be one of the largest wastewater tunnels in the world. With a total length of 62 km and running up to 200 m below ground level, the tunnel will significantly reduce the risk of flooding in Mexico City improving the safety and well-being of the inhabitants. The new tunnel will add about 150 cubic meters of water per second (5,300 ft3/sec) once completed.

Excavation is carried out using TBM´s (Tunnel boring machines), specifically EPB (Earth Pressure Balanced) type. The diameter of the tunnel is 8.7 m for excavation and 7 m once finished. Pöyry is providing advisory services in this major project during its construction. Pöyry´s responsibilities include scheduling, risk management, communication management, performance monitoring of the tunnel boring machines and the installation of Pöyry's 2DOC underground data management system.

Article: Wastewater tunnel will reduce flood risk for Mexico City's 20 million inhabitants