Vuosaari Harbour, Finland

Vuosaari Harbour, Finland

Vuosaari, Finland

Project facts

Project Type: Vuosaari Harbour, land connections

Client: Vuosaari Harbour / VUOLI

Project Period: 1996 - 2008

Services: Preliminary and detailed design; Geometry design of the track yard;Track design; Geotechnical design; Drainage design; Tender documentation; Masterplanning

Inaugurated in November 2008, Vuosaari Harbour is one of the leading harbours in the Baltic Sea. The 150 hectares harbour area consists of a cargo harbour, a logistics area, traffic channels (road, railway and fairway) and the Meriportti Business Park.

Pöyry has played a remarkable role in creating the land connections to the harbour. Pöyry carried out the preliminary design of Porvarinlahti 1.5 km road tunnel, the preliminary and detailed design of the Savio (13.5 km) railway tunnel as well as the design of the Rail Administration's rail yard.

Furthermore, Pöyry has been engaged in the risk management of the harbour construction, maintenance and operations plan, ICT masterplan and procurement coordination, the masterplanning for the munincipal infrastructure and the update of logistics area masterplan.

Actively engaged also in projects related to the new harbour, Pöyry has conducted logistics plans for Riihimäki-Hyvinkää area's intermodal terminal and for Nostavan area in Town of Hollola.

Railway line

The 19 km long harbour railway connects the harbour to the Finnish rail network. The electrified line has a single track and is only used for freight traffic. When the harbour is in full operation, 16-20 trains will use the line daily, with maximum speed of 80 km/h.

The line runs mostly underground. The most notable tunnel is the 13.5km Savio railway tunnel, running under residential areas before joining the main rail network in Kerava.