Waste-to-Energy Plant Rüdersdorf, Germany

Waste-to-Energy Plant Rüdersdorf, Germany

Rüdersdorf, Germany

Project facts

Project Type: Waste-to-energy plant for refused derived fuel (RDF)

Client: Vattenfall Europe New Energy Ecopower GmbH

Capacity: 220,000 Mg/a RDF, 110 MWth

Services: Owner's engineer

Project Period: 2005 - 2009

The waste-to-energy plant in Rüdersdorf, Germany, was designed for incineration of refuse derived fuel (RDF) and for the power supply to the adjacent cement production plant (CEMEX company Germany).

The plant is equipped with a water cooled type of forward moving grate system, a vertical type of boiler flue gas passes (4), power generation by condensing turbine / generator and air cooled condenser (0.068 bar), intermediate MP-steam reheating (420°C) and a flue gas cleaning system with SNCR and semi-dry scrubber with rotary atomiser, additional injection of hydrated lime and activated carbon and a down-stream fabric filter.

Pöyry's services included assistance in approval procedures, pre-paration of inquiry documents, evaluation of bids and due diligence
of design, supervision of manufacturing, installation, commissioning and take-over.