Reservoir Storage Schemes

Reservoir Storage Schemes

Our experience to design and supervise high head plants like storage or pumped storage schemes was gained in the European Alpine region.

This accumulated expertise has allowed us to export our know-how around the globe. Today we are familiar with all types of dams, such as:

  • Concrete gravity dams
  • Double curvature arch dams
  • Earth and rockfill dams
  • Concrete faced rockfill dams
  • Roller compacted dams

We are accustomed to optimising reservoir storage schemes both technically and economically for a specific purpose. Our vast experience allows us to choose the best hydraulic system with corresponding structures and to provide an optimal concept with regards to all underground structures such as tunnels, shafts, powerhouse caverns and access possibilities.

The quality of our services is often recognised many years after commissioning as we always place special attention towards operational needs during the design phases. This guarantees our clients added value and sustainable solutions for their investments.