Run of River

Run of River

Run-of-river schemes, which are often constructed in the bed of large rivers, not only generate electricity, but also provide flood protection, contribute to tourism development, influences bed load and sediment transportation and sometimes guarantee shipping transport. It is no wonder that they are highly complex structures to construct.

Presenting economically sound concepts and meeting high ecological standards are every day commitments for Pöyry. We place special focus on:

  • Hydrological and geological data assessments
  • Economical design flow analysis
  • Proven river diversion concepts
  • Elaborated construction phases
  • Flood risk management
  • Ecological improvement

Having designed, upgraded and rehabilitated numerous run-of-river schemes, our experts understand how to create added value and meet client expectations. Our hydromechanical experts, in particular, provide specialised expertise in all types of turbine concepts, such as:

  • Bulb turbines
  • Straflo turbines
  • Kaplan turbines
  • Matrix turbines
  • Francis turbines (in some cases)

Choosing Pöyry as the preferred engineer means choosing the best solution to meet your specific needs.

Asset Valuation

Investing in hydropower means either buying existing assets or developing projects. If the decision is to buy existing assets, then specific know-how is needed to assess all opportunities and threads related to the chosen hydropower schemes. A special focus must be set, not only on technical issues such as defective conditions, upgrading or rehabilitation potential and life expectancy, but also on economic issues, such as electricity price forecasts, market conditions and financial plant evaluation.

Consulting Services

Having been in the hydropower business for more than 100 years gives us great breadth in understanding technical developments, market evolutions and legal changes. Today, it is safe to call us not only engineers, but also consultants.

Project Development Services

Developing a reservoir storage scheme or complex run-of-river scheme involves starting projects from a sound basis. This requires a lot of initial technical input starting, for example, with adequate hydrological and geological data. In addition a well-designed scheme calls for a thought-out hydraulic concept and an optimised operational mode.

Design & Engineering

Key in every project is the basic and tender design. Our experience shows that clients can safeguard investments by mitigating the project risk before starting implementation. In essence, by spending more attention to project details today, you will encounter fewer problems tomorrow. We call it the real return on investment and that is exactly how we work.

Construction Services

Mastering a project means also mastering the construction site.

Electromechanical & Rehabilitation Services

Having designed and rehabilitated numerous hydropower plants worldwide, we are specialists in all electromechanical aspects.

Specialised Services

Pöyry offers a wide range of internationally recognised specialised services. Below are some noteworthy examples - we also regularly respond to specific enquiries upon request: