Managing the entire bioenergy chain

Managing climate change has developed into a key challenge for energy producers and energy-intensive industries. Energy-related products and services are weighed against their environmental competitiveness. Air quality management has also become a key regional and local issue. Bioenergy is a powerful way of switching energy generation into an environmentally sustainable solution.

Our expertise is all-inclusive, covering:

  • Biomass sourcing and processing
  • Logistics
  • Heat and power generation
  • Distributed power
  • Environmental assessment and climate impact

We possess the leading technological know-how in the combined generation of heat and power from biomass. Besides cost efficiency and reliability for industry and communities, environmental considerations are an integral part of our bioenergy know-how.

We have experience of all kinds of biomass, such as forest harvesting residues, the by-products of the pulp and paper industry (black liquor, bark, sawdust, sludge, wood waste) and crops (such as rice husk, bagasse, nut shells, cereal straw, rape seed and reed canary grass) as well as biogas produced from various biodegradable wastes.

Our track record: engineering and consultancy services provided for more than 200 projects worldwide.

Project Development

Pöyry's large variety of experts, e.g. economists, financial advisers, commercial experts, energy specialists and experts for various technologies, provide an exceptionally good base for project development services.

 Project Planning and Plant Engineering

Pöyry has developed special in-house tools for project planning purposes which are also widely used in the project development stage, including TURSIM for optimisation of thermal steam prosesses.

Project Services

Project services are offered the owners and developers of the power plant projects, but can also be provided to EPC contractors, manufacturers, equipment suppliers and lenders.