Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy

Pöyry assists you in the course of the geothermal project - from the project development up to the project execution. We render these services for geothermal projects alone as well as in combination with plants of other renewable energy - independent of manufacturers and suppliers.

Our expertise and long-time experience of the business enable us to perform the project management and project controlling for your geothermal project in total.

Concerning geothermal projects experts of all disciplines will support you, from geophysicists, geologists up to experts in power plant design. With our knowledge of geothermal specific questions, for example thermal water evaluation or selection of the best cooling system we will find the most efficient system and plant design.

Our services along the workflow at a glance are:

  • Proven procedures for project development
  • Adjusted calculations of efficiency and investments
  • Validation by geological and technical analysis and studies
  • Support during exploration
  • Optimised energy concepts
  • Adapted plant and system design

General Services

Pöyry provides services to the owners and developers of geothermal power plant projects, EPC contractors, manufacturers and lenders.

Project Development

Pöyry's extensive pool of experts provides clients with an excellent base for project development services:

  • Technical pre-/ feasibility study
  • Conceptual design
  • Geological feasibility study
  • Evaluation of geological exploration
  • Reservoir evaluation
  • Calculation of profitability
  • Permitting services

Project Planning and Plant Engineering

Pöyry can cover the services required for exploration and for the power plant and technical facilities. The main services for planning and engineering of implementation projects are:


  • Pre-concept drilling area preparation
  • Planning of drilling
  • Supervision and monitoring of drilling
  • Supervision and monitoring stimulation
  • Supervision and monitoring pump tests

Power plant

  • Power plant design
  • Pre-dimensioning ORC / Kalina-cycle
  • System planning, e.g. cooling system
  • Planning district heating and power connection
  • Integration in and combination with other (renewable) power plants
  • Balance of plant

Project Management and Implementation

Pöyry supports you during project implementation with interdisciplinary teams of specialists and project managers.