Wind Power

Wind Power

Wind power is a fast growing sustainable way of producing electricity. Pöyry has been involved in wind power since 1992 and our services cover all phases of a wind power project.

Our services:

  • Consulting and advisory services
  • Site identification and selection
  • Environmental services and licensing
  • Project development
  • Engineering and procurement
  • Construction management
  • Project management
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Wind measurements

We consider each project and client unique to us and feel that it is our duty to execute all our projects with the best possible team and in an excellent manner. For each project we build a specialised team and utilize established calculation and design tools.

Pöyry's track record and multidisciplinary and experienced employees around the world enable us to provide the technical, economic and environmental services in order to guarantee comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.

Our services are in compliance with the best international practices and standards.

Consultancy and Advisory Services

Pöyry's consultancy and planning services provide solutions to all phases of the wind power value chain. It is our goal to assist our clients in building solid and sustainable strategies and success factors for the future.

Project Development

Pöyry's project development services cover all phases of wind power project development. We execute projects from small one time assignments to turn-key project development and all the way to continuous project portfolio development services that are based on long-term partnerships rather than single assignments.

Project Services

Pöyry's project services cover construction phase of wind power projects. We execute projects from small one time assignments to
turn-key (EPC, EPCM) solutions. Our key strength is our strong and multidisciplinary project management skills and global office and partner network.