Municipal Power & Heat Supply (DH & C)

Municipal Power & Heat Supply (DH&C)

Pöyry offers district heating services for all sizes of municipalities who want to rehabilitate existing district heating systems or build new ones.

The objective of municipal power and heat supply is to provide heat to houses, hot domestic water and, in some cases, cooling of houses. Heat is mainly provided from cogeneration plants, which maximise the benefit of power and heat generation.

Pöyry's track record shows successful projects in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and South-East Asia. Pöyry's in-house expertise also covers the consumer end of power and heat supply.

The technologies include the following:

  • Conventional solid fuel fired (coal, wood waste, wastes, biofuels) combined heat and power plants (CHP)
  • Combined cycle CHP plants
  • Heat only boiler plants
  • Chilling plants
  • Heat distribution piping systems
  • Balancing of heat demand variation with seasonal or daily storage systems (heat accumulators)
  • Waste heat recovery from processes for district heating

Pöyry's services cover all phases of the implementation chain:

  • Technical advisory services
  • Project development, including EIA's
  • Project planning and engineering
  • Project implementation, including EPCM
  • Operation and maintenance

Pöyry's global network of experts enables us to understand local conditions and requirements.

Project Development

Pöyry's large variety of experts, e.g. economists, financial advisers, commercial experts, energy specialists and experts for various technologies, provide an exceptionally good base for project development services.

Project Planning and Plant Engineering

Pöyry has developed special tools for project planning purposes that are also widely used in the project development stage, e. g. for combustion calculation or optimisation of thermal steam and combined cycle processes.

Project Services

Project services are offered the owners and developers of the power plant projects, but can also be provided to EPC contractors, manufacturers, equipment suppliers and lenders.

Total Solutions for Investment Projects (EPCM)

Engineering, Procurement, Project and Construction Management: with our globally integrated know-how and resources, Pöyry is ready to implement even the most complex of client projects. We offer proven expertise in successfully executing large EPCM project that require world-class project management capability.

Operation and Maintenance

We offer operation and maintenance services for energy production plants as well as industrial or municipal energy consumers. Pöyry has its own modern equipment for conducting these services.