Steam Balance™

Steam Balance™

Steam Balance™ describes Pöyry's unique set of high-tech solutions covering everything that is needed to optimise combined heat and power (CHP) plant steam balancing.

Almost all industrial power plants encounter problems when process disturbances occur. Process interruptions such as paper machine web breaks or turbine and boiler trips do not only cause unnecessary down-time for manufacturing processes, but inefficient steam balancing between process and CHP plant also results in notable economical losses by increasing operating costs.

Pöyry has developed a method to integrate power plant control systems together so that the operation is optimised both economically and technically. During the design work all imaginable process disturbances are tested with dynamic simulation utilising Pöyry's own Modysim™ software.

Dynamic simulation in power-plant engineering

Pöyry's control experts assist in all power-plant engineering stages from the first feasibility studies to commissioning ensuring that the power-plant will be started smoothly, operation is stable and process steam availability is high.

Steam-net optimisation projects

Pöyry has the know-how to stabilise any fluctuating steam-network. The solution requires controller reconfiguration in the plant DCS and in some cases an installation of a steam accumulator. Pöyry has carried out more than 40 steam-net optimisation projects all over the world offering the clients significant value.

Steam Balance™ EPC Package

A turn-key delivery of a steam accumulator and advanced controls