Utility Power Plants

Utility Power Plants

Pöyry's expertise covers the main technologies in utility-type power plants:

  • Coal, lignite, peat and biomass fired steam power plants. Unit sizes up to 800 MW and supercritical steam parameters.
  • Solid know-how on fluidised bed firing (CFB), conventional pulverised firing, grate firing and gasification. Specialisation also in carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology.
  • Combined cycle power plants with unit sizes up to 800 MW
  • Single cycle gas turbine power plants
  • Diesel power plants
  • Water desalination combined with utility power plants

Pöyry's services cover all phases of the implementation chain:

  • Project development, including EIA's
  • Project planning and engineering
  • Project implementation, including EPCM
  • Operation and maintenance

Pöyry's global network of experts enables us to understand local conditions and requirements. Our track record shows successful projects in Europe (including Eastern and Western Europe and Russia), the Middle East and Asia.

Project Development

Pöyry's large variety of experts, e.g. economists, financial advisers, commercial experts, energy specialists and experts for various technologies, provide an exceptionally good base for project development services.

Project Planning and Plant Engineering

Pöyry has developed special tools for project planning purposes that are also widely used in the project development stage, e. g. for combustion calculation or optimisation of thermal steam and combined cycle processes.

Project Services

Project services are offered the owners and developers of the power plant projects, but can also be provided to EPC contractors, manufacturers, equipment suppliers and lenders.

Total Solutions for Investment Projects (EPCM)

Engineering, Procurement, Project and Construction Management: with our globally integrated know-how and resources, Pöyry is ready to implement even the most complex of client projects. We offer proven expertise in successfully executing large EPCM project that require world-class project management capability.

Process measurements

Pöyry’s cutting-edge measurement technology, calculation software and extensive process competence guarantee reliable results in power and boiler plant and process industry measurements and the associated expert services.

Flue gas emissions

Our emission measurement service teams run an accredited testing laboratory (T062, accreditation requirement SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025) accredited for flue and exhaust gas measurement by the Finnish Accreditation Service (FINAS). The accreditation covers the following quality assurance procedures and measurements in accordance with the valid SFS-EN and ISO standards:

  • Calibration and comparison measurements (QAL-2 and AST)
  • Particulate matter, nitrogen and sulphur oxides, carbon monoxide and dioxide
  • Hydrogen chloride and fluoride, hydrocarbons
  • Dioxins and furans (PCDD/F), metals, mercury
  • Oxygen, humidity, volume flow
  • Malodorous reduced sulphur compounds (TRS and individual sulphur compounds separately)
  • PCBs, chlorophenols and PAHs
  • Ammonia, chlorine and chlorine dioxide
  • Fine particles (PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10)
  • Filterable and condensable particulate matter (FPM+CPM)

Wind power measurements

  • Wind forecast measurements using masts and Sodar instruments
  • Noise measurements and modelling
  • Vibration measurements and modelling
  • Power curve measurements according to the standards IEC 61400-12-1, 61400-12-2 and 61400-26-2
  • Warranty inspections and vibration measurements
  • Wind farm reference masts and measurement instruments
  • Assessment of wind measurement systems (masts) and remote measurement instruments (Sodar) and data
  • Operation and maintenance consulting
  • Expert services

Extensive and sufficiently long-term wind measurements start the development of wind power projects, and they are the only way to reliably determine the production potential. During operation, the production capacity of wind farms is determined through power curve measurements and other applicable technical surveys.

Noise measurements and modelling

  • Comprehensive noise analysis of industrial plants (including noise source and emission measurement, for example)
  • Noise warranty measurements of energy plants (according to standards ISO 3746 and DIN 45 635, for example)
  • Environmental noise measurements (including ISO 1996-1 and ISO 1996-2)
  • Wind power generation noise measurement (sound source and emission measurement, including IEC 61400-11)

We model the noise diffusion of industrial sound sources as a noise forecast on a 3D map.  The forecast is used for plants’ environmental impact assessments, environmental permit applications and preliminary and implementation planning.

Warranty and condition monitoring measurements and process optimisation

As an independent third party, we give a statement based on measurements on the fulfilment of the design and warranty values of, for example, steam boilers, turbines and flue gas treatment systems. Warranty measurements also serve as an excellent foundation for the plant’s operation, maintenance and performance development monitoring.