Mobility is a global and local megatrend to connect cities, regions and countries, as well as production processes, cultures and, of course, people. A network of high quality roads provides a solid backbone for mobility.

We have experience in the design and supervision of sustainable road construction. Depending on the environment and the targets of individual traffic, roads vary in many categories from pedestrian ways to urban roads and motorways. The targets and solutions have to be customised for highly developed areas on one hand and underdeveloped regions on the other.

Thanks to our experience and the know-how of our road and traffic engineers, Pöyry is able to provide the expertise of a system planner for roads, starting from feasibility studies to several stages of design and construction supervision. Efficiency, traffic safety, environmental compatibility and - more and more important - the consideration of cost benefit ratios are the challenges faced by a team of experts when finding a sustainable solution for road construction.

Environmental Planning & Survey

Thanks to a multitude of road projects realised and the experience gained in combination with environmental planning expertise, Pöyry has a leading know-how in road-specific environmental planning from environmental impact assessment studies to compliance procedures.

Structural Engineering

Constructive civil engineering has been a pillar for road system planning at Pöyry for many years. We offer clients technically and economically custom-made solutions for tunnels, retaining walls or bridges both in relation to new constructions and maintenance measures. Our services in the area of civil engineering are frequently rendered as part of the overall planning measures together with other disciplines.

Design & Planning of Roads

We have long-term experience in understanding the complex system of roads: Pavement, superstructure, foundation, drainage, alignment, bridges, tunnels and walls are elements of a system which is in relation to geology, environment and, last but not least, to people, who shall have maximum benefit as road users and minimum disadvantage by unavoidable pollution. Our multi-disciplinary project teams offer services for all design phases, from feasibility studies, pre-design and approval design, preparing tender documents and detail design through to technical assistance during construction and operation. We provide all the expertise required in a modular and stepwise advancement due to clients requirements.

Financial & Economical Services

Especially for large road projects, public-private partnership models are often a procurement variant for financing. We have extensive experience in advising clients on how to best structure projects to achieve the requirements of founders. This know-how of Pöyry experts was created during 20 years of global PPP/BOT project experience in different functions: as lenders engineer for the banks, independent engineer of the concession guarantor, traffic advisor of the concessionaire or as designer and site supervisor for contractors, suppliers and building companies.

Road Maintenance Management

In every country roads are major investments that need to be maintained and repaired to preserve their functional and economical value. With proper maintenance management, road authorities and companies in charge of the road will ensure that the required service level is achieved and maintained and the lifecycle cost of their infrastructure is minimised.