Traffic Planning

Traffic Planning

Continuously increasing demand for improved mobility is facing safety, environmental impacts, urban restrictions and limited resources.

These complex interactions need innovative transport planning approaches that take into account the whole variety of transport modes.

Pöyry provides all services required for comprehensive integrated transport studies and master plans that seek to develop future strategies across all modes of transport. This approach includes factors for sustainable urban development, safety, environmental and financial feasibility.

Our multi-disciplinary services support the full range of transport planning, from the very early conceptual stages up to day-to-day operation.

Plans and concepts assist in decision-making, and subsequent support helps in developing and monitoring implementation and successful operation.

Our team of traffic engineers, urban planners, social and environmental experts, transport economists and civil engineers work together in order to solve client challenges.

  • Traffic and transport data collection
  • Multi-modal traffic studies and planning
  • Integrated transport master plans
  • Technical, economical and environmental feasibility studies
  • Conceptual to detailed infrastructure design
  • Transport modelling and traffic flow simulation
  • Traffic management
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
  • Traffic safety studies
  • Telematics and logistics
  • Implementation and monitoring

Implementation & Monitoring

Pöyry supports its clients in all realisation phases, from implementation planning to preparation of tender documents, valuation of offers, the awarding process and, finally, monitoring during construction and initial operation phases.

Integrated Transport Master Plans

Transport master plans for metropolitan areas must take into account the integration of land use and mobility growth policies.

Multimodal Transport Studies & Planning

Multimodal transport studies are an ideal approach to developing integrated transport strategies, as long-term solutions for regional or wide-ranging transport issues are found only by examining how all transport modes work together.

Telematics & Logistics

International division of labour and globalisation are the driving forces for increasing demand, but smaller shipment volumes.

Traffic Management

The coordination of all regional and municipal traffic systems is a prerequisite for intermodal transport. In order to realise new concepts, a range of concerted strategies is needed.