More value through overall performance

Tunnels are important elements of an integrated infrastructure system. Railway tunnels in urban areas are part of complex public transportation networks that may provide routes for metro, light rail or main railway lines. Rail and road tunnels help relieve congestion in city centres. Tunnels also convey water and wastewater, keeping the urban society running. Tunnels for pressurised water mains are key elements in the production of sustainable energy from hydropower plants.

Lifecycle understanding

Our role is to advise and support private and public sector clients through the entire lifecycle of tunnel development. Our project experience of several decades covers the design and construction of more than 1 000 kilometres of tunnels for transportation infrastructure as well as 1 000 kilometres of shafts and water tunnels. Pöyry applies state-of-the-art techniques in the development of integrated and cost-effective solutions to tunnelling projects, responding immediately and effectively to client needs.

Construction Management & Site Supervision

Successful construction and underground excavations rely on the correct evaluation of appropriate construction method. Our strength is formed from the capabilities of experienced engineering teams who are accustomed to reviewing different interdisciplinary problems and presenting various ways to tackle project demands. This approach leads to the identification of the most appropriate method for construction of a particular project. The optimal construction method is then adapted to the project requirements, and results in a technically perfect solution that minimises risks, cost and time.

Geotechnical Engineering & Rock Mechanics

Our team of highly qualified engineers and geologists offers the full range of services in geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics. Our expertise is based on our global experience in designing challenging underground structures in difficult geological conditions. We offer complete project development, from conceptual and feasibility studies to monitoring of excavations and on-site determination of support. Technical knowledge, practical experience on-site, participation in international forums and familiarity with modern computer technology all guarantee that rock mechanical challenges are met. Our goal is to provide technically optimised solutions that minimise cost and risk.

Planning & Design of Underground Structures

Our multidisciplinary teams offer design services for all phases of tunnelling and underground structures, from master planning feasibility studies design and engineering to technical assistance during construction and operation.

Renovation & Refurbishment

Our multidisciplinary teams are actively involved in important tunnel projects that serve different purposes and view each project with an entire lifecycle approach. This valuable experience enables us to give comprehensive advice on both detailed issues within a project phase and also from an entire project holistic point of view. Our teams develop refurbishments following tunnel inspections, condition analysis, long-term deformation monitoring and status assessment. Design and implementation of renovation measures are undertaken following close co-operation with client needs.

Ventilation & Safety

Concept and design of the ventilation system is of fundamental importance to every tunnel. The system selected can have a considerable influence on the tunnel's cross section, its alignment, the number and size of its ventilation shafts, the effect the tunnel will have on the environment and the amount of land it will require.