Data Management

Data Management

Geographic information helps to organise and manage the business data of companies and organisations. Pöyry provides GIS services that assist our clients to manage their geographic information efficiently, thus providing real bottom line benefits.

The geodata that we process ranges from the sky to undergroud - from satellite images to terrestrial surveys and advanced subsurface modelling.

Our GIS consulting projects cover feasibility studies, system design, technical assistance and database development. We assist our clients to develop innovative GIS related solutions that integrate geographic information with niche business applications.

Remote sensing provides sophisticated and accurate solutions for a wide range of needs, such as natural resources inventories, mapping of built infrastructure, rapid response applications and global monitoring of the environment (e.g. for the increasing needs of climate change detection).

Pöyry also offers advanced services for 3D mapping and modelling of data. We use cost-effecting methods such as digital photogrammetry, remote sensing and airborne and terrestrial laser scanning.

GIS Consulting

We help our clients to collect, organise and manage their geographic information so that it supports efficiently their businesses. These services range from various data conversion tasks to a wide range of GIS analysis, database design and leasing of data operators for tailored client projects.

Mapping & Modelling

The needs of 3D information of the existing environment and built infrastructure are increasing significantly. Pöyry provides advanced capabilities for collecting accurate and detailed geodata in 3D using cost-effective methods such as digital photogrammetry, remote sensing, airborne and terrestrial laser scanning.

Remote Sensing

Pöyry provides image interpretation and processing services, products and applications using satellite data, and distributes commercial satellite imagery from almost all over the world.