Earth Resources & Geotechnics

Earth Resources & Geotechnics

Pöyry's services cover the entire lifecycle of subsurface engineering, from exploration and strategic planning to monitoring of a rehabilitated site.

Geotechnical engineering needs continuously high-quality data in order to best prepare foundation design, modelling and underground rock room design.

Pöyry assists clients in all earth mapping scales - from remote sensing from outer space to microscopic sample studies.

We supply the most effective down-to-earth study - be it laser scanning, sample drilling or boring, hydrology or geophysics survey and satellite imagery.

Knowledge is sometimes also gained from multidisciplinary data analysis and modelling. Data management solutions secure the investment value through time-saved and applicability to various purposes.

Our team uses and supports multiple GIS or subsurface data systems for optimal client benefit.


Water is a vital resource for life on the earth and groundwater an essential component of water resources. We encounter simultaneously the increasing need of water resources in major areas of the world and the need to manage and preserve the valuable resources exploited. Groundwater is also an important factor in earth construction projects to manage and in activities of soil materials supply industry.

Earth Research

Whatever the earth and subsurface related interest you may have, Pöyry is one of the best contacts to initiate. We will concentrate on objectives and find the best available technology and associated services one may need. We understand that almost every geological setting is unique around the globe and, in many cases, also geoscience component is involved and research results are to be covered.

Earth Data Solutions

Understanding spatial geographic information accompanies any analysis of the earth and subsurface. Pöyry develops and applies GIS systems, consults on GIS know-how and offers operation services when data is to be transferred and maintained.

Exploration & Mining

Natural resource exploration and mining require a variety of services during their operational lifetime. Pöyry can provide services for all phases.

Geotechnical Engineering

One central subsurface service area at Pöyry is in geotechnical engineering and investigations. Our portfolio contains soil borings, bedrock drillings, soil and rock sample analyses as well as environmental sampling and monitoring. A high quality service chain continues in geotechnical design and rock engineering.

Nuclear Waste Solutions

Management and safe disposal of nuclear fuel wastes is met in every country using nuclear power to generate electricity. Pöyry has served our clients in the development of safe, long-term solutions for nuclear waste treatment from potential site screening studies to scenarios of repository site evolution to the far future.