Hydraulic Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering

Existence of the human race is closely tied to water and its availability for food production. This was the reason for people wishing to establish, throughout history, their habitats in the vicinity of rivers.

However, in order to make the best use of this precious and life-giving resource they had to master construction of various hydraulic structures by which to tame their otherwise unpredictable and often destructive force.

On the basis of the knowledge acquired throughout the ages up to the recent times, we offer consultancy services in the field of design, engineering, construction and maintenance of various types of hydraulic structures. Our approach to hydraulic engineering is environmentally sensitive and is based on the advanced design technologies and a vast experience with the erection process of these structures.

Dam Engineering

We offer support in all phases of the development of new dam projects, dam rehabilitations and remedial works. We provide implementation of new safety standards, structural analysis and dam monitoring equipment (e.g. automation, data collection and transmission).

Flood Protection

A prerequisite of a good flood protection system is a sensitive and holistic approach to the area requiring the protection.

Hydropower Engineering

Water power plants are an effective and non-polluting source of primary energy with a long service life. Their development is connected to the existence of available water resources. Survey and evaluation, as a part of hydropower schemes, depend on the importance and functions of the power plant in question and on the geodetical, hydrological, geological and ecological conditions of the site proposed.

River Engineering

Rivers, which considerably influence run-off conditions in the landscape, are the decisive water resources in many inland countries. River training covers these main objectives: water diversion, flood protection, channel stabilisation, securing the ecological function, hydropower utilisation, drainage of adjacent areas, canalisation and leisure activities.