Spatial Planning

Spatial Planning

Pöyry provides strategic solutions on the planning of city regions, master plans, action plans, development plans, spatial development zones and transportation corridors.

In spatial and land-use planning, we work on a variety of studies and impact assessments. In these fields, we offer core competence in social impact assessment, landscape and visual impact assessment, landscape analysis, illustrations and 3D modelling.

Pöyry has an experienced, multi-disciplinary team of experts in the field of landscape planning and design. Our approach to design is creative and our methodology involves up-to-date design and planning methods and tools. Our goal is to create environments with superior quality, sustainability and user friendliness.

Spatial & Land Use Planning

Pöyry spatial and land use planning provides strategic solutions to the development and planning of city regions, such as feasibility studies, master plans, detailed action plans, spatial development zones and transportation corridors. Sustainable development of regional and city structures provides an effective control of climate change.

Architecture & City Design

Architecture and city design projects include public buildings, sports facilities, swimming halls, harbours, airports, logistics centres and commercial buildings, water and waste water plants, tunnels and sub-surface buildings, road architecture, bridges and noise reduction walls.

Landscape Planning

We provide a wide range of landscape planning services from conceptual planning and design to detailed design for construction.

Studies & Impact Assessments

We carry out a variety of studies and impact assessments of plans, policies and programmes, strategic environmental assessments, extensive stakeholder, public involvement and impact studies on transport, regional development, business/industries and the environment.