Waste Management

Waste Management

Modern, recycling-based waste management tackles challenges involved in climate protection and resource efficiency.

Highly productive technologies for waste management help clients to cope with the increasing global demand for raw materials, recover energy from waste and contribute to climate protection.

Pöyry has assisted clients in developing waste management for almost three decades.

When designing waste management facilities, we offer the complete range of services, from preliminary studies to detailed design and the start of operation.

It is our aim to always consider the best ratio of technological, cost and resource efficiency, as well as optimised operational and financing models.

Our services include:

  • Research and development of new processes and technologies
  • Communication of innovations by public awareness measures
  • Support of authorities and operators in setting up effective organisational units
  • Advice to public and legislating bodies

Energy & Resource Recovery from Waste

Depending on the specific site conditions, there are manifold options to recover energy and recyclables from waste.

Performance of Plants & Technologies

With our constant striving for the best solution, Pöyry frequently provides innovations for waste treatment technology and finds the most effective fields for their application.

Waste Management Concepts & Strategies

Pöyry uses the expertise it has collected during decades of waste management strategic planning to provide public and private decision-makers with the data needed to develop waste management concepts.

Waste Analyses, Surveys & Inventories

Waste and waste is not the same. At Pöyry, we are accustomed to looking closely at what wastes are composed of and what variations - for instance, during the seasons or in projected scenarios - have to be considered.