Water Supply

Water Supply

Clean water represents an essential element for life for all people, worldwide.

Unfortunately, water sources are not evenly distributed and, in some geographical areas, climatic change creates even more challenges to locate potable water.

Pöyry's vast experience in the water sector forms a solid basis to tackle this challenge, and is guided by our universal objective to find "clean water for all in need".

We provide sustainable solutions for the complete range of needs in the water sector, from studies and master plans in water resources management to detailed engineering and operational support in water services development, both in urban and rural areas.

Environmental, socio-economic and health related considerations are taken into account, along with suitable technologies, in order to form an integral solution to develop the water supply.
We always endeavour to meet the needs and expectations of the client and the community in our development work.

Affordability is a key term for both the water company supplying the services and the end-user.

Our experience

Ground and surface water studies and modeling, integrated water resources management, water management master plans, development of water supply processes, water transmission and supply networks, water pumping stations, works and treatment plants, water storage facilities, water loss reduction and non-revenue water analysis.

Ground & Surface Water Studies

No two water bodies or aquifers are similar. Their utilisation requires that their individual physical, geological, chemical and ecological qualities and behaviour are known. Quality, quantity and ecology as well as future behaviour need to be investigated. From flood protection to aquifer exploitation the only reasonable way to forecast future behaviour is very often modelling. The key to reasonable model accuracy is careful calibration with at-site measurements and investigations.

Integrated Water Resources Management

Water resources are often times used for public and industrial water supply, agricultural irrigation, as a recipient of waste waters, for navigation, recreation, fishing and hydropower generation.