RAMS Advanced Lifecycle Services

RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) Advanced Lifecycle Services

Did you know that more than 80% of a system’s life cycle costs are determined before its commissioning?

Pöyry RAMS Services

Pöyry’s RAMS engineering improves safety and reduces Life Cycle Costs (LCC) of products and systems by increasing reliability and availability. Whatever the scale or complexity of your project, Pöyry can provide RAMS services that provide the fundamentals for decision making and improve the overall performance of your system.

Key Benefits

  1. Improved system and product performance - reliable, available and safe
  2. Reduced Life Cycle Costs
  3. Increased client satisfaction

“The RAMS analysis saved us over EUR 1 million in backup power supply investment costs and EUR 200 000 in O&M costs”  (Pöyry energy sector client, Scandinavia).