Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting

Achieving sustainable business and corporate responsibility goals is not just good for the environment; it’s good for the bottom line

Whether you need an impact assessment or complete lifecycle partner, Pöyry’s comprehensive environmental consulting services will enable you to forecast and analyse the environmental impact of construction and human activity at every stage of your project.

You get the benefit of decades of experience in environmental and social impact analyses, enabling you to make the right decisions right from the start of your project. Together, we’ll deliver sustainable solutions that meet stringent environmental standards, backed up by our in-depth knowledge of local legislation.

With over 200 dedicated environmental consultants across our global network, we’ll support you in making the right decisions to receive communal approval for your project.


Pöyry has experience of Environmental Consulting in over 2000 industry, energy and infrastructure projects

Environmental Services

The global environment, the biggest playing field of all, continues to receive increased focus.