Health and Safety Services

Health and Safety Services

Health and Safety in businesses is strictly regulated by many laws and rules. They set the standard for how safety must be taken into account and implemented in companies. Our global network of experts has the best possible understanding of local circumstances and we continuously follow safety legislation and regulations.

We provide a one-stop shop for all safety services from auditing to implementation across industry, energy and infrastructure sectors. With our health and safety services we help our clients maximize productivity and create sustained value. Well managed and implemented health and safety procedures help manage risks and prevent losses, allowing a greater range of business flexibility. Clients will also benefit from high corporate social responsibility.

5%productivity increase

A robust safety program can increase industrial operator’s productivity up to 5%. *)

*) Center for Chemical Process Safety

We provide health and safety services across a number of various areas, including:

  • Process safety
  • Chemical safety
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Machinery safety
  • Construction safety
  • Environmental safety
  • Facility security
  • Real estate & building safety
  • Cyber security
  • Rail safety
  • Dam safety

Our service offering covers:

  • Permitting and authority issues
  • Safety management
  • Project HSE services
  • Risk analyses

With a technical background our experts understand the features and functionalities of the client’s processes and plants and are thus the best partner for safety related services.  Contact our experts to find out more how we can help you harness the value of safety and ensure the optimal operational safety of your business.