Pöyry Market Reports

Pöyry Market Reports

In today’s fast-paced global marketplace, business leaders and governments are under pressure: how do you make better informed decisions, which deliver results?

Whether you’re developing market-entry strategies or looking to understand the local sector profile of a country or region, then you can depend on Pöyry’s market reports – consistently testified by our clients as an accurate, independent and trusted viewpoint.

Sustainable strategies are based on in-depth market insight, analysis and understanding. Outperforming the competition requires a solid grasp of the market scenarios and their real-world implications. It takes a deeper-level of understanding.

Selected for our unparalleled depth of sector expertise, commercial know-how and decades-long experience, we can help you to gain the market insights you need on which to base your future strategies.

Providing you with detailed regional, country and technology reports including:

  • Demand and supply dynamics
  • Environmental regulation
  • Industry structure and key players
  • Market specific considerations
  • Regulation and legislation
  • Pricing information

BioFutures Reports

Investing in the right bio-based technology can be a make or break decision. Whether you’re formulating a bioenergy strategy, considering liquid biofuels, diversifying into fibre based textiles, developing bio-based chemicals or evaluating bio-based materials for use in the food industry, then Pöyry is the ideal biofutures partner.

Energy Reports

The world’s energy markets are undergoing massive change and transformation. Major questions include: What’s beyond 2020? How to deliver decarbonisation? How to keep the lights on in the most efficient way? How to mitigate risks, manage challenges and create value? What’s the impact on my business model? Successful market players stay ahead of the game – adapting their strategies, business models and operations to lead through change.

Forestry, Biomass and Wood Industry Reports

The world’s forest and plantation resources are being re-shaped along with their key end use markets. Business leaders and governments are asking: Where are the growth opportunities? Which regions provide the most competitive production platforms? How to create sustainable forest plantations? How to choose the best new plantation models? What is the global future of fibre? How to position for profitability in the forest and wood products value chain.

Biorefining, Paper & Packaging Reports

The global demand for pulp, paper, packaging and hygiene is shifting. Business leaders are asking: What’s the global future of fibre? How to take advantage of growth opportunities or adjust to declining demand? How to combat plastics? How to position for growth in the East? How to address the issue of non-wood pulp? How to best re-deploy assets? How to achieve the optimal fibre basis?