O&M Management

Operation and Maintenance

Process measurements

Pöyry’s cutting-edge measurement technology, calculation software and extensive process competence guarantee reliable results in power and boiler plant and process industry measurements and the associated expert services.

Flue gas emissions

Our emission measurement service teams run an accredited testing laboratory (T062, accreditation requirement SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025) accredited for flue and exhaust gas measurement by the Finnish Accreditation Service (FINAS). The accreditation covers the measurements of main emission components in accordance with the valid CEN and ISO standards.

Wind power measurements

Extensive and sufficiently long-term wind measurements start the development of wind power projects, and they are the only way to reliably determine the production potential. During operation, the production capacity of wind farms is determined through power curve measurements and other applicable technical surveys.

  • Wind forecast measurements using masts and Sodar instruments
  • Noise and vibration measurements and modelling                                                                                          
  • Power curve measurements according to the standards IEC 61400-12-1, 61400-12-2 and 61400-26-2
  • Warranty inspections and measurements
  • Wind farm reference masts and measurement instruments
  • Operation and maintenance consulting
  • Special Arctic expertise 

Noise measurements and modelling

  • Comprehensive noise analysis of industrial plants (including noise source and emission measurement, for example)
  • Noise warranty measurements of energy plants (according to standards ISO 3746 and DIN 45 635, for example)
  • Environmental noise measurements (including ISO 1996-1 and ISO 1996-2)
  • Wind power generation noise measurement (sound source and emission measurement, including IEC 61400-11)

    We model the noise diffusion of industrial sound sources as a noise forecast on a 3D map.  The forecast is used for plants’ environmental impact assessments, environmental permit applications and preliminary and implementation planning.

Warranty and condition monitoring measurements and process optimization

As an independent third party, we give a statement based on measurements on the fulfillment of the design and warranty values of, for example, steam boilers, turbines and flue gas treatment systems. Warranty measurements also serve as an excellent foundation for the plant’s operation, maintenance and performance development monitoring.


The perception of the interdependencies of operation and infrastructure forms the basis of our solutions for an infrastructure which is adapted to economic efficiency and operational requirements. We particularly focus on the structural implementation under the 'rolling wheel'.