Pöyry Virtual Site Designer

Pöyry Virtual Site Designer - interactive virtual reality (VR) solution for plant’s design, operation and maintenance.

Pöyry Virtual Site Designer is an interactive virtual reality solution to illustrate 3D engineering model enriched with laser scanning, aerial photogrammetry, photos and 360 views. It is a part of Pöyry’s ”Virtual Site” digital solution portfolio. Instead of being just marketing tool Pöyry Virtual Site Designer is a real engineering application.

In interactive VR solution design reviews can be performed in a cost effective manner with multiple stakeholders located physically in their remote offices but able to communicate as in a real meeting. In solution you can do measurements inside the site, add notes, insert signs, take photos and send them to your selected recipients.

Key issues

  • Need for design visualisation to help decision making
  • Need for reduce engineering time and costs
  • Need for adding efficiency to maintenance
  • Need for create efficient and safe orientation environment

Pöyry Virtual Site Designer supports:

  • Impressive visualisation the of a plant design
  • Productive online design reviews
  • Safe and high-quality orientation and training in real, safe environment vi
  • Cost-effective maintenance planning
  • Quality of maintenance

The application is based on an Unity game engine which offers user-friendly and agile customer experience.

With Pöyry Virtual Site Designer you have:

During engineering and planning phase

  • Realistic environment you can walk in and see all the details
  • Possibility to do all measurements inside the plant and outside at site
  • Virtual check and comment possibilities of changes of the plans with any stakeholder
  • Effective design reviews remotely with multiple stakeholders in the same online meeting space

During running the operation

  • Possibility to optimise change planning and management
  • More effective maintenance
  • Always up-to-date digital asset of the site area

Orientation for the employees or visitors

  • Realistic training environment either alone or using the multisession feature
  • Efficient remote orientation sessions
  • Always safe and consistent orientation environment for employees across the company.

If you are interested in Pöyry Virtual Site Designer or other Pöyry’s Smart services just contact us.