Tall Oil Acidulation

Tall Oil Acidulation - optimisation with big data analytic

The demand for tall oil is increasing thanks to EU’s aims to have 10% of the transport fuel of every EU country come from renewable sources by 2020. As a by-product of the kraft pulping process tall oil can improve the pulp mill’s efficiency and be sold as a commercial product to processing industries.

Key issues

Lack of holistic solution for tall oil production process causes loses in oil quality and quantity.

  • No visibility to production data
  • No framework for production forecast
  • No optimal process model for tall oil acidulation and production
  • High impurities content reduces the yield
  • Shorter production periods between cleaning reduce the total yearly volume

Optimisation solution

Pöyry brings visibility and optimises the tall oil process based on the validated process data and the expertise of the process itself. With optimisation solution changes in process can always be seen beforehand and impacts can be tested. With additional instrumentation and collecting the selected data points, the process data can be turned into knowledge using non-linear modelling. These highly reliable models have been developed based on Pöyry’s domain expertise combined with long term production data.

Value proposition

  • Better visibility and improved control of the process
  • More precise and improved yield and production rate
  • Better control over raw material use
  • Simulation option provides scenarios for different production models
  • Cleaning optimisation: forecasting the cleaning to improve the production by 2 %
  • Reduced costs
    • Reduced chemicals and utilities consumption
    • Avoiding need for frequent cleaning by optimising the operation

Tall oil acidulation – project execution approach


  • One week to analyse the process equipment and the current way of operating the process, and investigate data availability

Implementation project

  • Installing the additional measurements (if required)
  • Connect site to Pöyry’s AI platform and validate the data correctness
  • Fine tune the model for customer plant
  • Create customer specific dashboard

The HDS® crude tall oil (CTO) production plant is developed by Pöyry

The scope of supply has varied from almost complete EPC (turnkey) to EPS with only main components.


A total of 20+ plants are in operation in Austria, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, Poland, Sweden and USA

If you are interested in optimising tall oil production -or other Pöyry’s Smart services- just contact us.