Faces that make Pöyry Great - Nicky Gemperle's Story

'We worked on the first ethanol plant developed and constructed in the Philippines. Projects like these keep me inspired.'

It is not exactly the technology that is crucial. It is the want to learn, to find the right people to do the job and, to deliver our commitment to our clients.

In 1997, Dominic John Gemperle was a top employee in Pöyry’s Philippines office which used to be Elektrowatt Ekono, before officially becoming Pöyry Energy Inc. in June that year.

Always a great day to learn something new

Fast-forward to today, Nicky is left with nothing to prove in terms of his sales mettle and business management acumen. One would wonder: what else keeps Nicky going?

For Nicky, every day is always a great day to learn something new—and that is reason enough to show up to work every morning and keep delivering great sales pitches. “I love working with people who are smart. I learn things from them and I delight in doing something different every day,” he says. 

There is joy at work because of him

But for his people, Nicky has made an even stronger impression. More than his business acumen, what certainly sets him apart is his personality and leadership style. Through the years, he has developed the right attitude in his people. That attitude serves as the ‘pillar of strength’ for the Pöyry business.

He also puts great importance in choosing the right pieces that would fit in the company puzzle. He actually sits down and maps out the personality type needed in the team for a particular position to achieve a ‘powerhouse cast.’

He empowers his people and encourages them to think analytically and critically, making way for the best and brightest ideas that have not been done before. And most importantly, he makes the people feel that the company is a second family and that there is a ‘father figure’ in him who will always rally behind them ready to help (even out of his own resources) when someone is in need.

Working at Pöyry PH is indeed a great joy because of him. Nicky, through the years has helped shape the PH team to be a nurturing but high performing work environment that it is today.

 Time to give back

Through ownership change, name changes, several strategy transformations, and about 25 years, Nicky has indeed witnessed Pöyry’s journey. But when asked, there is something that makes him particularly proud to work for the company:

 “We worked on the first ethanol plant ever developed and constructed in the Philippines, to reduce importation of foreign fuels and provide cleaner energy and support sustainability. Projects like these keep me inspired and keep me going.”

Additionally, he says that Pöyry should be at that level when good business must come in parallel with supporting sustainable causes. Pöyry needs to be ready to be in this phase of the business cycle.

“It’s time to give back.”