Faces that make Pöyry Great - Maria Claudia Gregolini's Story

'When I joined Pöyry, the company was celebrating its 30th anniversary!'

Pöyry allows me to sell, buy, produce, manage, work with resources, deadlines and tight schedules, dialogues, and, above all, share ideas and knowledge.

I started in civil engineering, going through all the steps: calculating, projects coordination, projects management, leading the civil deployment department, and currently the HSEQ and related works. One day at work a boiler caught fire and I could see everyone running back and forth without any safety instruction, and that inspired me to specialise in safety.

Every day we have new challenges and I  learn something new.

This dynamism and possibility of continuous learning, mainly because of the people, the involvement and the motivation, makes Pöyry a great place to work!

Now, in celebration of its 60th anniversary, I can say that I have not seen those 30 years pass by ... a lot of work, commitment, many challenges and a huge pride to be part of!

60 years is cause for great celebration and joy! Congratulations to Pöyry and the whole team. Let´s continue following this path of success! #Poyry60 #ProudToBePoyry